You Can Travel Anywhere in Canada For $150 This Summer

Destination: WHEREVER


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Want to explore central and Western Canada, but can't afford the hefty price of a ticket out of Stanfield- let alone multiple tickets? Well hold on to your freaking hats, people- VIA Rail has announced unlimited travel within Canada for $150 for the month of July. The Canada 150 Youth Pass Fare is available to people ages 12-25 and you can literally go anywhere in the country, as often as you want between July 1-31. 

The pass is only valid for economy class, but hey, if you’re between 12-25 you were probably not booking $200 business class tickets- right?

Head's up: this morning the website where you can purchase the Canada 150 Youth Pass is undergoing “technical difficulties”. Probably due to the high volume of interest because this is a sweet. ass. deal. But I trust they'll get it together soon. 

Keep checking back for more info- now’s the time to make this the summer of a lifetime!

Cred: VIA Rail


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