3 of the Best National Parks to Visit for Free in Nova Scotia

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So by now you should all be aware that Parks Canada has launched the 2017 Discovery Pass, which gives you free access to all National Parks in Canada this year. All you have to do is order it here and you’re good to explore! 

Thats why this summer is the perfect year to start planning your summer-of-a-lifetime camping trip, or organized hiking expedition or whatever you want- the possibilities are (within reason) limitless.  The only tricky part is to remember that it's only national parks that are free with the Discovery Pass, whild provincial parks have the same entry fees as usual. So here are 3 of our favourite National parks in Nova Scotia, for you to take advantage of your free Discovery Pass.

1. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton is easily one of the nation’s most talked about outdoor destinations. After a quick scroll through photos on Instagram, and travel websites you’ll know why.

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2. Kejimkujik National Park

Equally as beautiful as it is tongue-twisting, Kejimjujik has both inland and seaside areas to explore. It’s pretty popular for winter cross-counrty sports, if you simply can’t wait until camping season.  

Cred: @seansmcmullen

3. Canso Islands National Historic Site

This site is a great little day trip, where you can absorb a bit of history, or just go off on your own tour and enjoy the scenery. Make sure to factor time for the quaint little ferry ride to nearby Grass Island- a perfect photo spot. 

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