3 Stores to Get Great Glasses in Halifax

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Things getting a little blurry around the edges lately? Maybe it's time for a visit to the optometrist. But don't worry, getting glasses can be fun! Here are three stores in Halifax where you can get some super stylish frames. You'll be looking great!

Ocean Optometry- 5240 Blowers St

Ocean Optometry has some super cool styles! If you're interested in something modern—maybe a little bigger, a little rounder, than what you would have had as a kid—then this is the place for you! They have lots of hip styles and a great selection to choose from. 

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YKN Sunglasses and Eyeglasses- 1551 South Park St

YKN Sunglasses and Eyeglasses has all of the designer frames you could ever want! Designer frames can be expensive, but glasses are something you use every day! It's good to have something you'll never get sick of, and that flatters your face in all the right ways. 

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Vogue Optical- 1645 Barrington St

Vogue Optical has a great deal—2 pairs for the price of 1! Now that is a great offer. They have multiple locations and lots of great styles. There are a lot of bold colours and unique shapes, so try something you've never seen before!


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