This Noodle Bar Is About to Change Your Life

More than your grandma's ramen


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Water & Bone (5687 Charles st) opened earlier this year, and if you haven’t had a chance to try out this local noodle bar then you need to add it to your foodie bucket list ASAP.

Water & Bone is serving up familiar ramen dishes with all the comfort we’ve come to know and love, as well as delightfully unexpected twists on classic dishes throughout the menu. When I say “delightfully unexpected” think duck pancakes, karaage & waffles and matcha doughnuts to name a few. 

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There is an emphasis on local ingredients and flavours here, while paying tribute to traditional Japanese dishes. Water & Bone is really reasonably priced too, making it a great place to impress a first date or foodie friend. They're only open for dinner between Tuesday and Saturday, and don't take reservations so make sure to plan your visit accordingly. 

Feeling a bit lazy? Don’t worry- Water & Bone do takeout too. You can’t lose!

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