3 Incredible Pizza Restaurants in Halifax

It’s time to get a little cheesy


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There are many different styles of pizza in Halifax, from traditional Italian, to experimental fusion styles and vegan and gluten free options. Which is good, because everyone has a different perspective on what a perfect slice of pizza looks like. Here are three restaurants in Halifax that are constantly serving up some delicious pizza. 

Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria - 5541 Young Street

You’ve got to be prepared to wait a little for your pizza when you head to Salvatore’s, as it is generally considered to be the best pizza in Halifax, and so it is very popular. But the unique flavours of their dough and sauce are worth it alone, not to mention their assortment of delicious, fresh toppings. 

Piatto’s - 5114 Morris Street

Piatto’s is known for having great food, great service, and a really pleasant atmosphere, so if you stop by here you’re almost guaranteed to have a nice experience. 

Shadia’s Pizza - 2764 Gottingen Street

Shadia’s is open until 3am on weekends, and they’ve got some of the best value pizza in the city. The toppings are always fresh and they really heap them on there, making it great value for some really filling pizza. 


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