3 Amazing Halifax Restaurants to Order Lunch From

Don’t waste time going to a restaurant


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When it comes to lunchtime, one thing that is a huge bummer is when you waste like half your lunch break going to a restaurant and ordering and waiting for your food. The best way to have as much of your lunch break to yourself as possible is to strategically order food so it is ready right when you’re free. Here are some Halifax restaurants that have some really delicious, affordable menu items for you to order for lunch. 

Recardo’s Take-Out - https://www.facebook.com/Recardostantallonpizza/

If you’re going to order some take out, you might as well go with pizza. They don’t seem to have a website, but Recardo’s has also got a delicious fried Donairzarotti that you’ve simply got to try.

Best Choice Chinese - http://forbiddencityrestaurant.ca/

Look at that website! It’s a pretty eccentric website, but these folks have got a bunch of great lunch combos that only cost like $11, so you can have a good tasting, affordable lunch that will fill you up. 

Ivory Cuisine - http://www.thaiivorycuisine.ca/

You can tell this is an authentic Thai restaurant because there’s a clock on the website that tells you what time it is in Bangkok. These guys have some great lunch combos, as well as many types of delicious Pad Thai for you to order. 

Cred: Thai Ivory Cuisine



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