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Starting up your own business? Or maybe your band's fanbase is starting to grow or you have a hilarious idea for a prank gift for your friend's birthday? Whatever your custom needs, Halifax has some talented and professional screen printers to provide you with just what you need.

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Advanced Screen Printing Embroidery & Promotions- 3667 Strawberry Hill Street

Advanced offers great service and they're sure to get your products to you on time. The staff are friendly, so call the store or go in in person to chat about how you can get the best design possible! Definitely a reliable place for all of your screen printing needs. Heads up: the entrance is on the side of the building, not the front!

Fresh Prints- 2411 Agricola Street

Fresh Prints is definitely the place to go if you're looking for someone to share your "cool" vision. The owners are super chill and easy to work with, and they'll for sure know how to make your stuff look great. They've got over 15 years of printing experience—they're pros!

Metro Screen Prints- 2829 Oxford Street

1% of Metro's gross revenue goes to FEED Nova Scotia, a fantastic organization. The company is run by Jonah Larsen, who inherited his father's apparel company. He's passionate about what he does, and definitely a great person to support! Plus, all shipping within Halifax is free!

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